The Egyptian Society of Environmental Change

6-th International Symposium & Field Workshop

Living with Environmental Challenges in the Coastal Zones


Marsa Alam, The Red Sea, Egypt
24-27 September 2023

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The increasing success of our series of international symposiums “Living with the Landscape”, which has started with the first conference in the Sinai Peninsula in 2008, followed by the second in the Siwa Oasis 2009, the third in Aswan 2010, the fourth in Dahab 2020, and the fifth in Luxor 2022, has been the driving force behind our will to continue this year, despite great financial and administrative obstacles, in what has become our yearly environmental tradition. We, thus, as usual, continue to work in order to offer you the same opportunities for academic cooperation and cross-national collaborations among academics from all corners of the globe, for discussions of people’s ways of adaptation with their natural environment. We chose a magical site on the Red Sea coast to be a suitable venue for us to meet, exchange our research, and strengthen the relationship of fellowship and friendship between us.

Most of the coastal zones in the contemporary world suffer from many environmental challenges and threats, they arise from both natural factors and human activities, for example the risk of marine erosion and flooding poses a threat to present and future socio-economic activities. In this case risk can be defined as the probability of occurrence of an extreme event (storms, tsunamis) leading to erosion and flooding multiplied by the (socio) economic damage caused by the storm event, under conditions of climate change. The largest structural changes in hydrodynamic conditions and sediment supply are generally due to human interventions.

The Venue

5-stars beach resort at Marsa Alam beach


Arabic and English will be the official languages of the symposium.

Important dates

Activity Start time Deadline
Abstracts submission 15th January 2023 15th July2023
Early registration 15th January 2023 15th April 2023
Regular registration 16th April 2023 23th August 2023
Late registration 16th August 2023 23th September 2023
On-site registration 24th September 2023 27th September 2023
Deadline for registration fees payment for participants with presentation. 15th July 2023
Final program 10th September 2023
Symposium date 24th September 2023 27th September 2023
Deadline for submit full papers for publication 1st January 2024

Scientific activities

Topics :

  • Challenges of water resources in the context of climate change.
  • Coastal erosion and shoreline stability.
  • Coastal flooding from storm tide, waves, river floods, tsunami and sea-level rise.
  • Elevated groundwater levels in coastal plains.
  • Natural hazards in coastal areas
  • Recreational activities with hazards arising from surf zone conditions.
  • Evidence for ancient climate changee
  • Natural Resources in coastal zones.
  • Mega waves energy and catastrophic events.
  • Geomatics and coastal Studies.
  • Living with sea level rise.
  • Adapting to climate change in coastal zones.
  • Geo-heritage, geo-sites and geo-tourism in coastal zones.
  • Cultural and social heritage in coastal areas.
  • Climate change evidence on coastal archaeological sites.
  • Coastal ecology under climatic change conditions.
  • Environmental sensitivity in coastal areas.
  • Karstology and development challenges on karst
  • Remains of fossil karst landforms in coastal zones.


The Egyptian Society of Environmental Change offers 2 grants of 50% of Registration fees to young Egyptian researchers up to 30 years old (Deadline: 15 th July 2023).


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Keynote speakers:

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Scientific committee (*)

Name Institution
Dr. Mohamed ABDELBADIE Head of the centeral administration of Upper Egypt Antiques
Dr. Madalina ANDREI Romanian Academy
Dr. Mohammed AL GHASHI Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco
Prof. Dr. Lotfy AZAZ Geography Department, Menoufia University
Prof. Dr. Samir KAMH Department of Geology, Tanta University
Prof. Dr. Martin KNEZ ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute, Slovenia
Dr. Nadia LAHLOU Geography department, University of Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco
Dr. Bruno MAGGI R&D Consultant, Milan, Italy
Prof. Dr. Alaa MASOUD Geology department, Tanta University, Egypt.
Prof. Dr. Francisco RODRIGUES Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources – Azores, Portugal
Prof.Dr. Mohamed SOLIMAN Geography Department, Arish University
Prof. Dr. Cristiana SIRBU The Academy of agricultural and forestry sciences of Romania
Prof. Dr. Tadej SLABE ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute, Slovenia
Prof. Dr. Magdy TORAB Geography Department, Damanhour University, Egypt
Prof. Dr. Scot SMITH School of Forestry, Fisheries & Geomatic Sciences, Florida University, USA
Prof. Dr. Ismail YOUSSEF Geography Department, Menoufia University

(*) Alphabetical ordering by surname

Organizing committee

Name Institution Symposium Position
Prof. Dr. Samir Kamh Tanta University Session’s coordinator & Geological field guide.
Dr. Abu El Hagag Egypian Environmental Affairs Agency, Red Sea Branch Environmental field guide.
Dr. Mayada ABD ELKADER Port Said University General relations and the media coordinator.
Dr. Emad El-Deen El BARDAN Ph.D. Holder, Damietta University, Egypt Field workshops coordinator.
Dr. Radu GORINCIOI Ecological initiative and sustainable development group foundation, Romania Session’s coordinator.
Mrs. Hanaa ABBASS Alexandria University General secretary.
Ms. Noura FAYAD Postgraduate student Primonska University, Slovenia Registration coordinator.
Mr. Abdel Rahim Mahmoud El Qusseir inspectorate manger sector; Egyptian Antiquities. Archaeological guide
Mr. Ayman Nasser Ahmed Environmental Researcher at Wadi El Gemal Reserve Environmental guide
Mr. Sherif OMAR, social work, Management online zoom meeting

The Organizer

The Egyptian Society of Environmental Changes (ESEC)

The Sponsors


6 th International Symposium of Living with Landscapes ISLL-6

Focal Theme: Living with Environmental Challenges in the Coastal Zones


Marsa Alam 2023

Marsa Alam, Egypt


The Symposium's Chairman:Prof. Magdy TORAB

Prof. of Geomorphology, Damanhour University, Egypt.

President of the Egyptian Society of Environmental Change.

Editor-in-Chief of the EJEC

E-mails: &

Telephone & WhatsApp: +201002603250